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With the wide variety of EPOS equipment available, there are very few parts of a business which it cannot revolutionise. However, knowing which devices and apparatus to buy can be confusing as there is a lot of choice available.

In this blog, we will outline some devices which can make the management of stock in a warehouse much easier and will allow staff to locate inventory while tracking availability.

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Which EPOS Equipment Helps with Stock Management?

When it comes to managing stock in a warehouse or storeroom, one device is significantly more important than any other; the mobile computer.

Which EPOS Equipment Helps with Stock Management?

There is additional equipment that could help, but in this blog, we will focus primarily on these two devices.

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers help employees to get vital information as well as updating the system on the move. This can make negotiating large levels of stock in vast warehouses significantly more manageable, allowing staff to focus more on the task at hand rather than trying to map the stockroom.

To name but a few processes, the handheld devices can inform employees of the following information:

  • Track Stock Levels: Mobile computers can show staff precise numbers on what is available in the warehouse in real time. If an employee is trying to fulfil an order, they can see whether it is available before they make the journey, or a member of staff on the shop floor can let a customer know what you have without making them wait.
  • Locate Products: Once stockrooms reach a certain size you cannot expect staff to deal with it efficiently or quickly; there is just too much to keep track of. Mobile computers can show where something is stored using whatever system you think is best. As a result, employees can just check the location and go directly there.
  • Replenish with Ease: If you have staff who are responsible for making sure shop floor stock levels are constantly full, mobile computers can make this a very straightforward process. By linking them to the till you can request a record of sales at the touch of a button. The employees then just have to go around and collect everything on the list.

Things to Consider

As fantastic and revolutionary as mobile computers are, you need to make sure that you are prepared to deal with the processes required to use EPOS equipment properly.

Firstly, the stockroom has to be kept adequately maintained and organised; if your staff are going to rely on their mobile computers for locations and numbers, the data needs to be accurate to avoid all confusion.

To achieve this, you need to make sure that all stock leaving the building (such as those being sold or sent out on delivery) is processed. However, if you have an EPOS till then this is easy, everything will be updated automatically.

Additionally, you need to make sure that everything is ‘filed’ away correctly in the stockroom. If an employee just dumps something outside of its determined home, then it can be incredibly frustrating.

Things to Consider

This is because an employee might take the time to look for an item, or even worse inform a customer they have the product, only to go to the area and realise that it is not there.

If you are going to implement this EPOS stock management system, you need to make sure that someone is responsible for keeping the stockroom in check and that the entire team is on board with the idea and appreciate their responsibilities.

In order to drive this point home, make sure they understand why it is so important, and provide proper training so that they understand the equipment as well as the system.

Get in Touch

Mobile computers are robust, but not unbreakable. You need to keep in mind that your staff might not treat them with the respect that you will and that even when they do; accidents happen.

At Elcomatic we take great pride in our ability to offer quick and reliable turnarounds on any devices sent to our dedicated repair facility in Ayrshire. Using our vast experience and resources, we will carry out the necessary work before thoroughly testing the end result to ensure its reliability.

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