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EPOS equipment has revolutionised the way that commercial kitchens around the world operate. Although many restaurants still opt to use traditional pen and paper, many others have switched on to the fact that technology can minimise the chance of a mistake and significantly increase efficiency.

In this blog, we will outline precisely what benefits EPOS equipment can offer your business. If you have an EPOS set up within your company and require fast, affordable and effective repairs, get in touch with us on +44 1294 274914.

Minimise Mistakes

No matter how professional your service staff and chefs are, mistakes in restaurants do happen. It is difficult to avoid; in a busy environment with many orders being processed at peak times, it is next to impossible to guarantee that errors will be avoided using pen and paper.

Minimise Mistakes

However, EPOS equipment will allow you to make a lot of everyday restaurant processes automatic. It can streamline the following procedures, to name a few:

  • By feeding an order into a touchscreen in the front of the kitchen, it will automatically be displayed on a screen in the back for chefs; no orders will get lost.
  • Many EPOS systems will automatically schedule orders and dishes in order to give chefs an easy visual guide to what needs to be served when.
  • Because orders are processed automatically, and receipts are printed from these orders, customers will always be charged the correct amount.

Increase Efficiency

Over and above keeping staff right, EPOS systems will quickly work out a lot of everyday processes for staff allowing them to stay on top of quality customer service.

For example, consider how chefs traditionally organised their cooking schedule. They would generally have to map out a series of paper which had been scribbled on by waiters and waitresses, working out what should be made and when it should be cooked.

If one mistake is made, the entire system can be thrown into disarray. Chefs will have to stop what they are doing and work with the waiting staff to work out who has been given their food, who is waiting, and so on.

EPOS systems, on the other hand, will keep track all of this and allow the chefs to focus on giving quality dishes to the customers in good time.

Increase Efficiency

Additionally, waiters and waitresses do not have to keep track of who has ordered what; it is all stored automatically. This saves them time when it comes to calculation of the bill – if everything is accounted for automatically, there is no margin for error. Unless a customer complains, then they should never have to check it.

In short, because the EPOS system takes care of a lot of organisational things which are not strictly within the job roles of your staff, they can focus on delivering a quality dining experience for your customers.

Track Stock

It is never a good look to have to tell a customer that you have run out of their chosen dish. It is inevitable; sometimes a dish is ordered to a level that you could not possibly anticipate. However, EPOS systems can help to reduce this issue.

By using specific stock tracking technology, you can closely manage the stock levels within your fridge and pantry. By receiving alerts of when stock is getting low, or the date when you would usually make an order, you can make sure stock levels are kept at a consistent level.

Additionally, they can even warn you when you have too much of something. This will avoid waste and, more importantly, save you money.

Elcomatic EPOS Repairs

Although the net gain of EPOS equipment is apparent, made evident by the number of commercial kitchens which have adopted it, when something goes wrong speedy repairs are essential. The disruption caused by trying to adapt to a new system while maintaining the same levels of service is very challenging.

However, by getting in touch with us and arranging for a repair, you can expect not only useful results but also a fast turnaround. With our dedicated repair facility, we have a number of specialised technicians who will have worked on the same model of machine that you own and, more often than not, will have repaired an identical problem.

We work on a no fix, no fee basis and will offer an upfront quotation before beginning any work.

To speak to one of our personnel today, give us a call on + 44 1294 274914 or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch.