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EPOS equipment is revolutionising an increasing number of businesses throughout the world. From restaurants and bars to factories and warehouses, in many industries EPOS equipment is essential to remaining competitive.

In this blog, we will outline five techniques which will ease the introduction process after you acquire a new EPOS system.

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Plan for the Future

When deciding on which EPOS system is right for you and your company, you need to consider the future. What might work for your business at the present moment could be unfit for purpose in 5 years, significantly reducing how cost-effective the investment is.

It is vital that you acquire a system which can grow alongside your business. So long as the technology is scalable, it will be able to accommodate a significant increase in customers and general usage.

Plan for the future

Wherever you buy your EPOS equipment, make sure that you inquire about potential upgrades and expansions.

Confer with Staff

The opinion that matters most is that of the people who will be using the EPOS system each and every day. What you might assume is right might not do the job when it comes to the nitty-gritty of everyday use.

Take some time to sit down with your staff and work out the specific problems they face in the day-to-day running of the business which might be solved by EPOS equipment. You can then determine which system really does suit their needs, not what you think suits their needs.

Take Training Seriously

Proper usage is half the battle when it comes to using EPOS effectively. If staff aren’t onboard with the project or are left to their own devices when it comes to getting acquainted with the new system, there is a good chance it just will not meet its full potential.

Set aside an adequate amount of time for training and make sure to thoroughly go over all of the processes they are likely to use.

One method of ensuring everyone has the information they need is to appoint EPOS experts. These employees might be a few that you especially trust who will spend more time getting to know the system initially or may even be sent on training courses.

These employees will help to keep everyone right and can pay huge dividends during the changeover period.

Moreover, it might be useful to leave instruction guides and posters around critical areas in your workplace. Thee references will help to make sure employees are never lost while getting used to the new system.

Monitor Progress

Similar to the need for training, this likely will not be a “set it and forget it” procedure to begin with. For a while, you will need to monitor progress and ensure everyone is doing what they are supposed to if you want things to run at optimum levels.

Monitor Progress

One technique is to run an incentive. This could involve something like EPOS sales. For example, you could offer a cash prize for the employee who makes the most EPOS sales over a specified period.

Additionally, you can perform random checks to ensure that every member of staff understands the basic procedures. You don’t need to catch anyone out, just make sure everyone has the information they need!

Ensure You Have Proper Support

EPOS equipment is fantastic and has the potential to streamline your daily operations to an incredible degree. This means your staff will be able to get their work done more quickly, freeing them up for other tasks such as customer service or any other often rushed duties.

However, EPOS equipment is not infallible, and like any other equipment, it can break and malfunction. Many of these problems will be unavoidable as the technology will just have failed, while others may be down to staff error.

Nonetheless, problems like this can be absolutely critical. You will grow to rely on the new technology so much that it can cause serious issues if you are forced to revert back for an extended period of time.

Having a service which you can rely on for these setbacks is vital. Elcomatic is a fully recognised manufacturer of all major EPOS brands and will quickly have your EPOS equipment as good as new and on its way back to you.

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