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The effect that our society is having on the environment is become an increasingly talked about issue. From CO2 emissions to plastic waste, and even the chopping down of the rainforest, there are a number of problems which get a lot of press.

What is talked about less, however, is the significant problem of technological waste. Discarded electronics are filling up our landfills, soiling our environments, and leading to the production of much more that, realistically, we do not need.

In this blog, we will outline our ‘Go Green’ programme and how by sending your electronics to us, you can do your part to reduce the harmful effects of electrical waste.

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Our Current E-waste Situation

Every year the human race produces, roughly, around 40 million metric tonnes of electronic waste. However, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) suggests that this estimate is vastly understated and that the problem is far worse.

Around 13% of this e-waste is sent to developing countries to be ’recycled’. However, this term is used very loosely to the point of being inaccurate.

Throughout Africa and Southeast Asia, there is a massive economy for informal recycling businesses. They will destroy and dismantle considerable amounts of waste before burning the majority. The toxic emissions from this practice present colossal health and safety problems and have a terrible effect on the environment.

Our Current E-waste Situation

The people who work in these informal recycling enterprises are exposed to many health risks from the fumes which involve a number of poisonous heavy metals, such as lead. The burning of this waste also creates fine dust of dangerous particles which can cause hazardous cardiovascular problems.

However, this problem is getting significantly worse, not better. UNEP has suggested that the total amount of television e-waste has increased by around 2 times since 2007, computer waste around five times, and mobile phones by an incredible 18 times.

Europe is responsible for roughly 25% of the world’s electronic waste, and it is vital that we make a change before things go too far.

The Repair Economy

The first step is to repair what we can, rather than sending it immediately to the landfill. Although it is tempting within a business to merely discard electronics when they break, this is incredibly expensive and only easier if the repair service you currently use is unreliable and slow.

At Elcomatic, we have a number of specialised technicians within our dedicated repair facility which will quickly repair any broken device and have it shipped back to your address. Moreover, with our extensive and pragmatic skills, as well as our thorough testing process, you can have confidence in our dependable results.

Moreover, if your company relies on a device which is well out of warranty and no longer supported by the manufacturer, we are still qualified to work on it. With our vast warehouse of parts, as well as the ability to find alternatives and create our own, we can give your ‘legacy’ equipment a new lease of life and save it from being burned in some faraway place!

Legitimate Recycling

When a device is sent to our facility, it is not a case of whether or not it can be fixed. Anything can be fixed; what matters is whether it is reasonable or cost-effective to do so. Occasionally, we receive a device which is not worth fixing, at which point we will happily recycle it on your behalf.

Legitimate Recycling

This process involves stripping it of all reusable electronics and materials of any value which can be repurposed. All of this will be stored away in its proper category for use in further projects to save other electronics from going to the landfill.

Anything that remains after this process has taken place will be disposed of responsibly; it will not be burned in the open air!

Get in Touch

Based in Ayrshire, Elcomatic is an EPOS repair specialist which is recognised by all major manufacturers. From our dedicated repair facility, we will fix anything electronic, from EPOS equipment to laptops and computers or mobile phones.

Once we have it working again, we carry out comprehensive tests to make sure the result is lasting, and all underlying problems are adequately addressed.

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