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Repairing new technology is complicated. There is a lot of sophisticated and easily-damaged technology packed into a tight space, and you need in-depth knowledge to make sure that you can diagnose faults and repair them accordingly.

However, if the device is still relatively modern, it will be supported by the manufacturer. Extensive manuals and instructions are available, and parts are still supplied. Repairing outdated machinery or ‘legacy’ equipment is a bit more tricky.

At Elcomatic we appreciate that specific technology in use by your company is still fit-for-purpose and provide an effective repair service for this equipment, using our in-depth specialist knowledge of EPOS equipment and our expansive library of spare parts.

To book in a repair for your legacy equipment, or indeed anything else that you would like us to fix at our dedicated repair centre, give us a call now on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

Why Replace Older Equipment?

The truth is, while EPOS equipment is getting better as the years pass, you may still have older technology which works perfectly within your company for its given role. Although it may not have all the modern features or the most responsive touchscreen, it may genuinely not matter.

Why Replace Older Equipment?

After all, if all of your staff are used to the device and it can be used efficiently, why replace it?

Manufacturers want to encourage people to use their new products, and it is not cost-effective to keep supporting these older devices. This, however, can put you in a bit of trouble when it comes to getting it repaired.

Sourcing Parts for Legacy Equipment

When suppliers stop making replacement parts for their products it presents a problem for fixes and repairs. Instead of just being able to order in a part from a regular supplier and swap it out, we may need to take another approach.

In our many years of experience, we have built up a vast library of spare parts. They are all categorised and labelled, meaning that oftentimes we can just take one of these parts and place it into your device.

Alternatively, we can use another part instead. When it comes to technology, oftentimes although the original part used would be ideal, we are able to take another version of the same part and use that instead.

If we need a heatsink, for example, we can often just find another one that fits properly and use that instead. Again, oftentimes we will just go to our parts library and find something in which will fit the role.

Root-Cause Analysis

One problem with older equipment is that no matter how many times you get an issue fixed, the same failure keeps on happening. This happens with repair companies which do not have the knowledge or business ethics to understand or acknowledge that something deeper is going on.

Root-Cause Analysis

As a very basic example, imagine that a computer keeps failing because of a microchip. A repair company might notice that the soldering has melted and that is why the computer has broken. Although replacing the chip will, temporarily, make the device work again, the question remains, why has the soldering melted?

In our facility, we would carry out an investigation. We might find that the fan is not functioning correctly and this is causing the device to heat up. We may see that a heat sink is broken or unattached, again causing the machine to heat up.

By fixing this underlying issue, the subsequent repair we make to the initial problem will stand the test of time, and we can prove this through a series of tests.

Our extensive soak and run-in tests put our repairs through an intense workload, and if they can survive that, they will survive a regular working day. Our knowledgeable technicians will give it an entire refresh and fix any underlying problems, putting a device back in your hands which is reliable and ready for work.

Get in Touch

At our dedicated repair facility in Ayrshire, our technicians use their vast experience and quality training to carry out quick, cost-effective, and lasting repairs which will add several years onto the life cycle of your older technology.

To make an inquiry or to book in a job today, give us a call now on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

Alternatively, complete our contact form, and one of our personnel will be in touch as soon as possible.