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Although we specialise in EPOS repairs, we have well-trained technicians for just about every electronic device within our dedicated facility. From laptops to tablets, arcade machines to games consoles, we will fix everything, including mobile phones.

In this blog, we will discuss the three most common problems that can occur with your mobile phones as well as offering solutions on how they might be fixed.

Three Most Common Mobile Phone Faults

While there are countless things that can go wrong with modern smartphones, the three most common ones are:

  • Worn out batteries.
  • Cracked and smashed screens.
  • Charging port malfunctioning.

Three Most Common Mobile Phone Faults

Malfunctioning Batteries

Assuming that no accidents happen, batteries will likely be the first thing to go in most smartphones. After a couple of years of moderate use your battery will start to decline and, although it might be gradual, to begin with, you will very quickly notice that it is almost entirely unfit for purpose.

This can manifest in a number of ways. It might be the case that you just run down from 100% to 0% in a matter of three hours or so, or it might be the case that you suddenly jump from 5% to 0%, or 85% to 10%, or any other combination.

You may also find that your battery is heating up significantly and can even get to the point it is uncomfortable to hold, which might damage the electronics elsewhere in the phone.

If this is the case, the cheapest and most effective repair is almost always just to replace the battery. Although this is more difficult in modern phones due to the current trend of making them inaccessible without specialist tools, this is simple work for our technicians.

If your battery is making your phone unusable, send it to Elcomatic as soon as possible, and we will very quickly have everything as-good-as-new and on its way home.

Cracked and Smashed Display Screens

The chances are that if you have had a smartphone for a number of years, you will have at one point or another smashed the screen. The problem is that as we have moved towards full-face touchscreen displays, there is a significant amount of glass which is susceptible to a crack.

Naturally there are steps you can take to offset this risk; for example, buying both a suitable phone case as well as a screen protector is vital, but that doesn’t completely minimise the likelihood that the screen will break.

Moreover, although a screen protector provides some amount of protection from impact, they are still particularly at risk of anything dropping on top of them.

Naturally, the only fix for this is to replace the screen entirely. The cost of this can vary significantly depending on what model of phone you need to be purchased:

  • Curved screens on modern phones can be considerably more expensive than their flat counterparts.
  • Notched phones, made my most modern manufacturers, also come at a premium price point.
  • More obscure phones can cost more or less depending on how desirable they are and how difficult they are to source.

Using our specialist tools, we will quickly have the screen lifted off and replaced in no time.

Cracked and Smashed Display Screens

Charging Problems

On top of battery problems, it may be the case that your mobile phone will not charge at all, or indeed will charge very slowly. One reason for this is that there may be a problem with the charging port.

Of course, first, it is important to note that the issue may well be the charger itself. The easiest way to test this is to borrow a functioning charger from a friend or family member and test that. If it does not charge, then likely you will require a repair.

It might be the case that some charging pins have been bent or worn out throughout use. Water might also have made it inside, or perhaps some debris which means a charger cannot make appropriate contact.

Our technicians will investigate the charging port and, if possible, make any necessary repairs. Otherwise, we can swap out the charging apparatus altogether and return a perfectly functioning device directly to you.

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