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EPOS equipment is generally robust. The items which are mobile and are expected to be dropped, bumped, and frequently thrown around have a significant amount of in-built protection. Stationary devices are generally safe from the mistreatment that other devices are likely to suffer from.

However, accidents do happen, and since the products do not belong to staff, they are unlikely to take the same care that they would with their own belongings! In this blog, we will discuss specific tactics you can employ to protect your EPOS equipment from unnecessary harm.

If any of your equipment has been broken or has encountered a fault, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

Assign Equipment to Specific Employees

As mentioned, a big problem arises with EPOS equipment because it does not belong to staff. Naturally, many tend not to treat the machinery with the same respect or care that they would with, for example, their own mobile phone.

One method you can use in overcoming this is to assign specific EPOS equipment to designated staff. If, for example, you have fifteen mobile devices in your warehouse you can give each member of staff their own device, or perhaps one between two, or even three.

Although having multiple staff using the same device might make it slightly more difficult to track precisely who was responsible, but the effect should be similar.

We are not suggesting that you fire anyone who accidentally breaks a piece of equipment, but the responsibility should encourage employees to take a bit more care.

Consider printing off labels with specific codes or numbers and sticking them on each device. Then make sure that every member of staff knows which they should be using. If the same device turns up smashed or broken again and again, consider asking the staff it was assigned to what happened.

Consider Protective Cases

EPOS which is intended to be moved around generally has significant inbuilt protective measures. You will be surprised at just how much punishment they can take, but everything has its limit. You might want to consider protecting the devices even further.

There are a number of options available for protecting EPOS equipment from accidents and damage. Mobile devices, for example, can be put in protective sleeves or cases. Although they might make the devices slightly bulkier and naturally these things can go missing, it can help to avoid the need for repairs.

Consider Protective Cases

There are also mounts for stationary devices, such as iPad interfaces at a till point. These plastic cases allow for full access to the screen, and many will enable the device to be tilted to any angle for maximum ease.

Not only does this mount keep the iPad, or another tablet, above the desk (especially crucial in cafes and such, where liquids can be spilt), and will avoid the chance of things being dropped on top of the relatively vulnerable screen.

Provide Adequate Training

Regardless of what other steps you take when it comes to protecting your EPOS equipment, the basis of it all should be proper training. Showing employees how to correctly use the apparatus and reinforcing just how vital it is will go a long way in making sure the devices are treated with respect.

When the machines become an integral part of the day-to-day procedures your employees carry out each day, they will perhaps take more care in keeping them functional.

The most important factor in making sure that EPOS equipment is properly implemented within your business is making sure that everyone is onboard. Without the support of your staff, it will never meet its full potential, and people will not appreciate the importance of the little machines.

Reliable EPOS Repairs

Regardless of what measures you employ within your business to keep your EPOS equipment functional, breaks and faults are always a real possibility. As your daily activities increasingly revolve around this technology, any missing device can cause a significant amount of disruption.

When disaster strikes, you need to have a service that you can rely on. That is where we come in; Elcomatic operates out of a dedicated repair centre in Ayrshire and has years of experience in repairing EPOS equipment.

Not only will we diagnose and fix the problem, but we will carry out subsequent tests to ensure that the repair we made addresses any underlying issues. This ensures we will not return a device which will merely break again after moderate use.

To speak to us today about booking in a repair, give us a call now on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

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