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Anyone who had had any experience with repair lacklustre repair companies know this issue all too well; you get your equipment back, and everything is going well until suddenly the exact same problem strikes again.

This is typically caused by the fact that there was an underlying problem which caused the issue you needed to have repaired in the first place. In this blog, we will explain why testing is such a fundamental aspect of a reliable repair.

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What is a Soak Test?

A soak test allows us to establish a system’s stability and performance over an extended period. By simulating regular daily use, that it would undergo in a typical working environment, we are able to ensure that any repairs we make will stand the test of time.

What is a Soak Test?

We will usually take a generous estimate of how much the machine is likely to go through (for example, if some equipment will go through 300 transactions in 24 hours, we might test 1000), and force the machine to carry out those processes.

If the machine is still fully working by the end of it, then it is a safe assumption to assume the repair has been successful and your EPOS equipment is ready to be put back to work.

However, it may also be the case that the machine has stopped working. We can then run more diagnostics and figure out precisely where the underlying fault is. We will make sure that everything is fully repaired before packaging it up for return.

Why Testing Repaired Equipment is Essential

Problems with electronic equipment are not always as straightforward as they might first appear. What might seem like a surface level issue could be caused by something deeper. Soak Tests and run-ins help us to diagnose this, essentially ensuring we are treating the disease, not the symptom.

Let’s say you have a mobile computer and it keeps crashing. If we carry out our diagnosis, everything may point towards the issue being part A. We would fix the phone by addressing this directly and get it working again. However, the situation isn’t always this clear-cut.

It may well be the case part A was on the fritz because of a fault with part B, and unless B was fixed the issue was destined to keep repeating in a cycle. The only way to work this out without having it fail in your workplace again is to test it thoroughly before sending it back.

Why Testing Repaired Equipment is Essential

When carrying out this test, we might find that suddenly A has broken down again which will cause us to investigate further. We will then find part B is the problem, and have that fixed up, ensuring everything is as good as new!

This is the only way to deliver reliable results and making sure that we do not miss a ticking timebomb during our initial diagnosis.

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Working out of our dedicated repair facility in Ayrshire, Elcomatic is a repair company which specialises in all major manufacturers. By carrying out thorough testing after our initial repairs, we ensure that all of our work will stand the test of time and are not just superficial fixes.

With a dedicated team which specialise in their own types of devices or specific families of devices, you can rest assured that our repair technicians will have encountered and dealt with your particular issue many times in the past.

This makes every stage of the repair smoother from the diagnostic process to the repair itself, speeding up the process of getting it returned while helping to guarantee the reliability of our results.

Additionally, we have the ability and resources to work on ‘legacy equipment’. This is older technology which is not supported by the manufacturer any longer. Using our significant parts warehouse as well as our ability to find replacements, we can give your useful but older equipment a new lease of life-saving you money and avoiding disruption.

To book in a job today, or to make an inquiry about our service, give us a call now on + 44 (0) 1294 274914.

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