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The majority of equipment intended for the workplace is made to be robust enough to resist significant wear and tear. At the very least, that can be protected with cases and other such protective devices.

In this blog, we will outline the many reasons as to why assigning equipment to specific employees can help to offset the risk of damage and loss.

If you maintain any EPOS or other electrical equipment in your business, it is vital you have a reliable and affordable repair service on-hand. Give us a call today on + 44 (0) 1294 274914 to arrange a repair or to make an inquiry.

Assigning Your Company’s Equipment to Specific Employees

There are two main reasons as to why giving your staff responsibility for their own equipment can help to maintain it:

  • Employees might take greater care of their apparatus for their own benefit.
  • If a device is broken or becomes missing, responsibility is clear.

Assigning Your Company’s Equipment to Specific Employees

Employee’s Own Convenience

The fact is that staff probably aren’t as interested in making sure that all of the machinery or devices you have bought is kept in tip-top condition. This is to be expected; it wasn’t their money that paid for it, and if it is changing hands regularly, they might not have to deal with any faults or breaks afterwards.

By giving an employee an assigned piece of equipment, as in one that they have to use day in and day out, it is in their best interests to ensure that it performs as efficiently as possible. After all, who wants to battle with a cracked touch screen or a mobile computer with a missing stylus?

When a member of staff knows that if they break a device, they need to deal with that fault on every subsequent shift, they will likely be a bit more careful in terms of how they handle it!

Encourage Responsibility

As pessimistic as this may be, in larger companies, employees are more likely to mistreat or misplace equipment because it won’t be clear to anyone that they were responsible. After all, if six employees come in and take a mobile computer and only five return unbroken, it is difficult to pinpoint who is responsible.

However, if each member of staff ahs their assigned piece of equipment, perhaps using a coding system, then they will be more likely to treat the device with care so as to avoid any repercussions. Rather than putting the equipment down and walking away from it, they will keep it close to them.

Additionally, instead of balancing it precariously while they go to retrieve something, they might take the time to make sure it is properly secured.

To be clear: we are not suggesting that you instantly sack anyone who makes a mistake. However, if there are a number of incidents, you may want to take disciplinary action or at least provide more training in terms of using EPOS devices responsibly.

Elcomatic Repairs

At Elcomatic, we take great pride in our repair service from our facility in Ayrshire. Our fantastic team of technicians are given specific devices or families of devices to work on, meaning they very rarely come across a problem which they have not resolved before.

Elcomatic Repairs

With a huge warehouse of spare parts from all kinds of devices from both the past and the modern eras, we have many parts on-hand to get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.

In addition, we thoroughly test all of the repairs that we carry out in order to make sure that the fixes cure the disease and not just the symptoms. Less stringent repair facilities might only repair a surface-level issue, meaning that the underlying issue will simply crop up again.

By performing burn-in/soak tests which simulate an intense workload, we are able to ensure that any changes and repairs we made are adequate and that the device we return to you is not just a ticking time bomb waiting to cause even more disruption.

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